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Here is something I conjured up in the minutes of freedom after "work" last night. It is what I would call a widget - a WebSMS widget. The idea for the application came after a blog reader by the handle Vayfarer emailed me asking for advice on implementing a "Gadget" for Google personalised home. Anyway, two and a half hours later, I had this baby all wrapped up just as I wanted it.

This "widget" can be added to your blog or website. You will be able to host this widget on your own server when I release the source code, until then you are welcome to use the service based at the Technova server. The widget supports skinning the widget with your own CSS files and so can be made to fit the look of your blog and/or website. I will be releasing the source code for the project soon - right after I flush any major bugs that crops up the coming few days.


I've also made available a "gadget" package for adding the WebSMS widget to the Google "personalised home".

websms widget at google homepage

Here is live demo:

Interested in getting one for your blog/website or adding it to your Google homepage? Click here to go to the widget's homepage at Technova.

Have fun.

PS: Other SMS related stuff that I've released previously include, a SMS Sender program which you can run on your Windows/Mac/Linux computer and a WebSMS tool for phpBB forums.


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  1. Mamba says:

    Oh my my! Nice work! keep it up!

  2. nass says:

    Useful widget. Kewl ;-)

  3. am says:

    Guess i will have to wait till the source comes out,it doesnt match my blog color

  4. alinitkin says:

    hey, you know what you should do? :-)

    some sort of a little java program as the front end for all the sms and code based services offered by dhiraagu and wataniya.

    me thinks it might be useful. you can keep the saucecode.

  5. Jamey says:

    When are you going to develop something else. Ive known you for a long time. You consider yourself a great programmer/hacker yet I have never seen you develop anything other than some WebSMS front end.Did you know that Dhiraagu/ROL/Wataniya released a dozen more products in last couple of years?

  6. jaa says:

    Did they? I must've not known... :-)

    Anyway, I dont claim to be a great programmer/hacker. Programming is a hobby - a fun past-time. I do do a lot of work, commercial contract work... I've released various free software over the years and WebSMS has been just one among many...

    Why would I release anything decent to the "welcoming and appreciative" Maldivian community chock full of people with attitudes like yours? :-)

  7. Jamey says:

    Maldivian community eh?
    I think they still appreciate/welcome the stuff you do.
    Even though its the same wheel re-invented with different colors. :-)

  8. jaa says:

    hehe. alright mate. guess ive got a few million colors remaining if i stick to the 24bit spectrum :-P

  9. Jaheen says:

    nice work dude! good that you're allowing the users to customize its look.. a good feature :-) keep it goin'!

  10. wayfarer says:

    Do I need to say More? Great work dude!

  11. gaanagaa says:

    I will give 3/5 cows for this :-)
    One of my friends (http://www.zero.org.mv/blog/) has developed a WebSMS client using XUL. His latest build has the functionality of E-Directory search, as an extentsion. I personally think this as a very useful feature. I think you guys need to talk with Wataniya to have them included in these SMS apps as well.

    If you add the directory feature and include Wataniya to this widget I will give you 5/5 cows. ;-)

  12. bulhaa says:

    so how does a computer illeterate person get to know the purpose of this thingy [which looks really cool btw or she wouldnt be commentin] and get the details in a language she understands?

  13. wayfarer says:

    Jaa, I would recommend the source for the php script for the sms widget as well as Windows sms sender if it's not asking too much. It would benefit a lot for newbies like me..
    Hope u'll take my idea into your consideration.


  14. spamer says:

    its kewl...hei jaa...i lyk it...& ya..i dont bother about source codes...cox, i dont kno much these kinda programing...lol. but, ya its kool.thanks dear...i had ur desktop version of sms sender ...its 3.0 ...errr...but naa...may b its outdated...its oke' it says "error 103" anyways...its oke'...i got a new & koool one...

  15. ShadesOfEvil says:

    I move for a Konfabulator (Yahoo! widgets) widget! Or Dashboard compat for ye Mackies... I've been playing around with em recently... It's very much the future of small applications and this one should fit right in! I'm personally not a JavaScript guy (python and vbs are my speciality) so i'm not planning on developing... shouldn't be too hard though... lessee what happens ei? I'll give it a try when I have the time... Looks like the link's down on technova though...

  16. husni says:

    Ey, i would love to see the widget for mac dashboard, if that is possible. In the mean time i'll stick to this. Thanks!

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