Wikipedia Dhivehi

The Dhivehi section at Wikipedia seems to be progressing. The project apparently started in August 2004 and currently stocks 166 articles. I suspect this will improve as more contributors flow in. Additionally, the Wiktionary area has the Dhivehi Radheef available as well as Dhivehi<->English word mappings.

What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is a user contributed Encyclopedia. All the content on it is available for free for everyone and the content diversity and quality is more than comparable to the popular commercial products such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Microsoft Encarta. Wikipedia has versions in all major languages, each with a unique content base. The English section on Wikipedia currently contains over a million articles on various topics. Hopefully, the Dhivehi spin-off of Wikipedia will become as rich a information resource as the English (and various other languages) have achieved. Me, I've learnt a new dhivehi word from there already: އެކުމާފާނު (ekumaafaanu) - it means encyclopedia! I like the word :-)

Hats off to everyone involved in the Wikipedia Dhivehi project - great work and keep it up!