"We, Machines" lecture

(I am a bit late in posting it here but...) I would like to convey a big thank you to all those who attended my recent lecture, "We, Machines" at the 6th edition of the Buraasfathivaru series, and the organisers "26". I hope the lecture imparted something of value and provided some food for thought.

We, Machines - Lecture promo

Still in Maldives, keeping busy...

Two months have passed since I came to the Maldives and I've stayed way beyond my originally intended holiday. I am spending most of my time working on a few projects that catch my interest. I am also incubating a few pet projects that had been on the backburner and slowly driving them towards completion.

I'll post details and updates soon. Toodles :-)

In Maldives

I am now in the Maldives, back in my home city Male', and will stay put for a few weeks while I tick off a few things on my to-do list...

End of a chapter: Moved out of the UK

After five long years spent in the town of Reading in the UK, I have finally packed up my belongings and bid farewell to the city and the country. As regular visitors to this blog may already know, I graduated mid last year from the University of Reading after completing a MEng degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics, which brought to a close what I had originally moved to the UK for. I loved the UK and will especially miss the friends I made there.

For now, I am homeless...

Life, March 2010

So it has been a while since I updated my blog - over a month and a half to be more precise! There is a reason: I have been terribly distracted. My life so far this year has proven to be quite challenging, hectic and full of change but very interesting nonetheless.

Anyway, I have been snapping pictures of life around me this past month thanks to the pretty decent camera on my brand new Google Nexus One phone, which replaced my battered and nearly dead i-mate SP5m that I have had for 4 long years. Here are a few snaps...

Fish, coconut and chilli

I had "mahaa kaattaai miruhaa" (fish, coconut and chilli) today, which eaten together is, or atleast used to be, a common Maldivian snack. Ah, nostalgia! :-)

Mahaa kaattaai miruhaa

Snow today

Snow! I like snow. For me, it is a welcome break from the usual rainy and dreary winter gloom. And this winter seems to be bringing more snow than any of the past 4 years I've spent in the UK. :-D

Snow begins, around 6pm
Snow begins, around 6pm.

And six hours later, about 7 inches of snow.
And six hours later, about 7 inches of snow.