I am now a married man!

The marriage ceremony took place at Kalaafaanu School, Male' at 20:15 last night. Close family members and friends were present as the "gaazee" carried out the marriage ceremony. My friends Nishan and Mugay served as the two legal witnesses for the entire marriage process. The wedding celebration dinner was held right afterwards. Much of our family and friends attended the gathering and contributed to a friendly and fun time together. Apart from the inconvenience of having to stand at the entrance for over 2 hours, we were thrilled with the events of the night. There certainly was an interesting mix of emotions on display - happiness, sorrow and a lot of excitement...

The night was the successful culmination of almost two tiring weeks of hard work on preparations; marriage application and processing, preparing dinner invitation lists, creating invitation cards, securing a venue for the party, hiring a caterer and a lot more of countless other details. My brother and M flew in to Male' and contributed a sizable chunk of the work that went into the event. Nishan with his photography workplace ProStudio, generously provided the backdrop creation and photography services. Above all, I really appreciate all the extra effort that mom and dad pulled in to get everything smooth and enjoyable.

Anyways, the day marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Wish us the best of luck in the journey ahead! :-)


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