Hello world!

What do I write in my very first blog entry? I thought of flaunting my geekiness by typing out something ridiculous in binary, but that’s quite pointless aint it?. Anyway I am a pseudo-geek, at most, I think…

I been thinking about blogging lately, especially the individual/personal sorts. What really gave rise to blogging? A trip down to blogging @ wikipedia revealed a lot that I hadn't known before. Blogging has given individuals the ability to publish their thoughts and views with a potentially large audience. Blogging wouldn't have really taken off had there not been for the arrival of two-click free blogging sites. Great ideas have been lost into the oblivion just because it didnt get financial prodding to drive it mainstream. Whatever it is about blogging, the possibilities are numerous…

My mission if I choose to accept it is to blog. To delve deep into the underworld of the blogging scene and gain an understanding of how and why this world of publishers thrive. To go where all bloggers go…

And now I drift back to my time-space continuum. Toodles.


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