Future of the Maldives: blurry?

I am concerned about the state of our country. Concerned about where Maldives is heading towards. We are walking in unchartered territory - politically and socially. I doubt anyone has a clue of the future that may bear any resemblance to the actual outcome of all this.

It is not only the final outcome that we have to be wary of. We also have to be careful of the price we have to pay, the losses and the suffering we may have to endure, as we proceed through this current sea of change. To make matter worse, much of the changes seem to be brought in a haste being propelled by a insistent agitated community who really have no idea on what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. The ramifications of the changes being instigated may cause more harm than any of us expect. But then again, this is what it is all about. Isn't it? Taking chances... Leaping from the stagnant state we've hibernated in... Or maybe not? Certainly not!

While we all quietly hibernated and kept our lips sealed so as to not speak of the discontentment, the country had slowly distilled into polarities. Divided into the poor and rich, educated and ignorant, hardworking and lazy, powerful and weak - with the gap now large enough for the moons of Jupiter to be squeezed in. However, the struggle for betterment has now started to amplify. In the now abundant campaigns to appeal and silently subjugate masses to do their bidding, between the wonders of technology spitting out propaganda of the rich and the elite, there comes a cry of help - a cry for real freedom. Freedom from poverty. Freedom from oppression and suppression. For equality. To be treated with respect and honour. For a decent meal. For education and knowledge. Cries for opportunity to climb out of the rut much of the Maldives live day in and day out.

Sadly, it is the bellows of the rich, the powerful, the violent and the obscenely loud that are heard most. It is what is being catered for. It is the less meaningful, less effective, less beneficial transformations/changes that is being given the spotlight. This may be only my view. However, conversations with almost anyone seem to hint of the unspoken cries I mentioned. In chats with closer friends, the despair is no longer caged and they cry - wailing with the same desire to be unleashed from the mental and social prison we've all been herded in and treated unfairly and unjustly.

For now, the future of Maldives is in question and will probably continue to lie in the unmanifest for quite sometime to come.


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