Javascript Thaana Keyboard v4.0 - Demo page

This version has been superceded by version 4.1. Please check here for details

Javascript Thaana Keyboard is a Javascript based keyboard handler developed by me that allows users to type Thaana straight into text entry fields on web pages without forcing them to switch keyboard using the relevant features on the user's computer operating system. JTK is Unicode-based and produces Unicode Thaana outputs, making it extremely ideal for use on modern Thaana web pages. It is currently in use on various different Dhivehi websites.

This page is intended as a functionality preview for JTK 4.0 and is mainly aimed at Maldivian web developers looking to evaluate JTK and understand how to put it to use on the websites and web applications they develop.

For more information on JTK 4.0, including usage instructions and code download links, please refer to the JTK 4.0 release post on my blog.

Spot any problems or got questions? Drop me a line here.


Please refer to page source for the source code powering the demos.

Using checkboxes to specify keyboard type:

Off Phonetic

Using radio buttons to specify keyboard type:

Off Typewriter

Using a select/combo list to specify keyboard type:

Using hidden fields to specify keyboard type:

Activation and control using external Javascript:

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