Radheef data for download

I was moving the sites we had on our server when I found the tab-delimited file I used to import data into the Online Radheef I launched sometime ago. The data it contains is extracted from the original Radheef software published by the National Centre for Linguistics and Historical Research. There ARE mistakes in it contents - partly a reflection of the mistakes in the texts in the original Radheef and partly errors that had creeped in when I had extracted and formatted the data.

Anyway, I am putting up the data for grabs. It can be used for many a purpose - Dhivehi spelling checks, reverse word lookup by word definition etc. Feel inspired, make something useful and share!

- Download the Dhivehi Radheef in CSV format ( 907Kb, zip )

Have fun.


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  1. shaafiee says:

    Thanks mate. I had written the 'linguistics' people just weeks back requesting a digital copy of the radheef. As you would know, they're taking their sweet time getting back to me.

  2. jaa says:

    Welcome :-)

  3. moyameehaa says:

    thats nice..now lets see what comes out... ;-)

  4. Blec says:

    I have to write backwards for it to work.In haveeru.com.mv also i have to write dhivehi backwards :-( .How do you write dhivehi straightforwards in ms word and stuff.I seem to have forgoton.Stupid me , i ended up writing aa letter backwards in excel !! LOL

  5. Shaamil says:

    Are you kidding? Man, you need to have Support for Asian languages installed. Its available on your xp cd rom. go to controlpanel > Regional options Click on Languages tab and check both options(if it is unchecked). Then hit apply (you will need xp cdrom). Restart your pc. that's all.

  6. me says:

    thanks ppl... this would help in many ways u wouldnt even guess!

  7. Mike Maxwell says:

    What's the encoding? It appears to be ASCII, whereas the on-line Radheef is Unicode. Can you post an encoding converter?

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