Website for Muizzu, Suoodu & Co. now live

One of the last website projects I had worked under Technova in 2007 was the website for Muizzu, Suood & Co. law firm. The website was completed and went live towards the end of the year. They were one of the easiest to deal with clients we've had and I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the project.

The MSC website was among the first to use our new slimmed-down Content Management System designed with small businesses in mind, focussing on delivering a website quickly together with basic content editing facilities. Technova will be launching a low-budget website development package based on the new system sometime soon.


Moving is tough. Not just in the real world but also in the virtual world. Technova is currently moving our sites to a new server. The old server just couldn't handle the load it was under! I hope the new one doesn't fizzle out and die every two days...

I just finished moving my blog. I had taken it offline while I was moving the stuff around. So, viola! :p

Server outages

Ah, website hosting companies and their server's can be a bit of problem sometimes. We are currently facing some unexpected downtimes due to our Virtual Private Server being under the strain - resources are maxed out, thus making the server unresponsive. We have no idea as to what is causing it, neither is the tech support of the hosting company. Moving all our stuff is going to be big work, which we'd do only as a last resort. So we are left with quite a dilemma. :S,,,,,, my blog and miscellaneous other websites on our server would be experiencing some outages as we try to spot and root out the rogue behind the trouble.

Dhivehi Document Converter 1.0 beta

Immi has amalgamated some code for Dhivehi document converting from Hassan and myself, to make a nifty little utility to convert from either MLS format or Accent format into more universal document formats such as RichText. The tool is available for download from the Technova website.

The utility is a bit rough at the moment and notably has Unicode support left out. There is no installer either at the moment, so it is ready to run once downloaded. However, as always, the utility is expected to become more user friendly and feature rich in future incarnations. Drop some feedback if you are keen on seeing particular features added...

Click here for more info and download link

Dhivehi Document Converter 1.0 beta

In Malaysia - first impressions...

Selamat Datang! I am in Malaysia at the moment after flying into Kuala Lumpur yesterday. I am here on a business trip and plan to stay put for a week.

This is one country I hadn't been to before and so was quite surprised by the sights. I quite like the looks of the things around here. The city is landscaped amazingly well and gives the impression of being well developed. The airport, the public transport system (LRT) and the buildings are very admirable.

The shops are vast in number and there seems to be quite a lot of range - in quality and variety - available here. Most noticeably of all, the price of things are very much affordable (especially compared to the UK!). :-P

View out from Immi's room

Miadhu website attacked

Miadhu, one of Technova's recently launched websites, was attacked yesterday. The intruder gained access to the site via our custom developed Content Management System(CMS) backend that handles the management operations of the site. Access to the CMS was gained by means of password guessing - a work which was made unbelievably trivial with the presence of an account name and password to match - "miadhu" for both! The attackers then attempted to delete existing content and to add data to the website of which the latter they managed to execute successfully. They left behind random messages in the articles they added - messages that were as deep and simple as a "kekeke" to ones dissing Jabir and President Maumoon.

Miadhu notified us of the intrusion and we spent a good hour rummaging through the logs, mapping out the actions of the attacker and assessing the damage. Patching the door through which the attackers entered only involved changing account names and passwords in addition to advising the client to maintain secure password policies.

The website is now back running as it were...

Technova main site up

The official website for Technova finally limped onto the net today. Completed with the design and layout work by Immi, the website is the first in a series of planned developments over the coming weeks as per a recent company resolution to strengthen our online presence and services. The website currently contains some basic information about us, our projects and services. We hope to load it up soon a stash of in-house programmed commercial software and enough of free utilities and services.

Meanwhile, if you or your business is interested in developing a desktop software or designing a website/web application, do feel free to drop us a line.

The Technova site resides at