Isolate stem cells at home

Short entry. Just HAD to pass this on!!

- How to Isolate Amniotic Stem Cells from the Placenta, AT HOME

Placenta, anyone? :-P

Brain food: Research Channel

Here is a little brain-food for anyone interested in such.

ResearchChannel ( is a TV channel that features academic/scientific programming - mostly in the form of lectures and discussions. The lectures are delivered by researchers in their respective fields. The subject areas the site covers are: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Computer Science and Engineering, Health and Medicine, K-12 and Education, Sciences, Social Sciences. They have the channel available live online and the programs can be downloaded separately as well!

A few lectures that I found interesting:
- Winning the DARPA Grand Challenge [Robotics]
- UW/Microsoft 8th Symposium in Computational Linguistics
- Internet2 Overview
- Is Evolution an Algorithmic Process?
- How Does Order Arise in the Universe?
- Sexual Evolution: From X to Y
- Brain Computer Interface Systems: Progress and Opportunities

Gobble it up?

It's snowing!

I went to take the trash out today only to find it was snowinggg! Winter has passed so far without a hint of snow except for a random morning sometime ago when there was sprinkle of snow that covered less than half of an inch. Like Calvin says, that doesn't count as snowing :-P

P.S: Busy with work and reading tons of stuff thus the lack of blog updates...