Wide spread coral bleaching expected for Maldives

I have been keeping an eye on the Coral Reef Watch portal by NOAA for the past several weeks as reefs around the world are experiencing devastating bleaching events due to high temperatures. The thermal stress measured by satellites and projected by their models have been forecasting Maldivian seas and reefs to experience an increase in temperatures this month. This has been backed up by various observations and reports from around the Maldives with reports of coral stress, bleaching and dead fish surfacing.

Next week is especially critical for our beautiful but delicate Maldivian reefs as ocean temperatures are projected to reach critical highs and spur widespread coral bleaching and damage to our ecosystem. The monsoon season just kicked in and although its accompanying rain may help lower temperatures by a tiny amount, the ocean is a vast body of water capable of absorbing a large amount of heat and will likely still inflict significant damage on the reefs.

Keep an eye when you are out for a swim - the damage will be pretty immediate and highly visible. :-(


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