Talk scheduled for Enovate Education Symposium 2016

I am one of the invited speakers at the Enovate Education Symposium 2016 hosted by Enovate Education. I will be giving a talk titled "Building future-builders" and will conduct a workshop titled "Learning by Building". The symposium is open and free for all teachers in Maldives.

Talk: Building future-builders
Science has granted us an ever deepening understanding of ourselves and the universe. Engineering has shaped and given us technology to gain mastery over the physical world. This talk looks at science and engineering; its rich history and achievements, its role in solving the challenging problems humanity currently face and its pertinence in the future economic and intellectual progress of Maldives. The talk will explore how the school environment can help inspire and build the future-builders.

Workshop: Learning by Building
The session will explore practical ways to cultivate intelligent problem-solvers by encouraging curiosity, understanding, exploration, creativity and innovation. In order to help explore and experience these facets, participants will build an exciting project that they can take away for a show-and-tell.

More details of the symposium at the Enovate Education Symposium website.


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