Thank you anonymous person!

When I was growing up, I gobbled up all the science related books at my primary school library, which really wasn't that many. Starved after that, my parents would kindly take me to the small National Library of Maldives, to read and borrow books. It was the only source of information on a wide variety of topics in the Maldives at the time. There were no real bookshops and those that did carry books stocked so few and so little variety, leaving a lot to be desired. This was a time when the World Wide Web was at its infancy and Internet connectivity was yet to reach the Maldives. Suffice it to say, I absolutely loved the library for what it represented.

Many of the books on science and engineering at the library were donated by various people. And the only source of current news and state-of-art on science and engineering available at the library came in the form of Popular Electronics, Popular Mechanics and Scientific American magazines that were being donated by a kind person(s) to the library each month. I know because they all carried a "Donated" stamp. I would eagerly go to the library several times a month to see if the previous month's issue had been donated. I loved reading each and every article in the magazines. I would try build as many of the science projects, the electronics projects and schematics they featured. That anonymous person(s) had a huge impact on my life.

I have no idea who it was... but one of you may know. If you do, please let them know that their simple gesture of kindness gave a kid countless joy and is deeply appreciated. Thank you!


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