Thaana Transcoder 1.0

Thaana Transcoder is a Windows-based tool that performs the often much needed conversion of Thaana text written in Accent, Faseyha Thaana, MS Word version 97 (and older) to and from the modern Unicode standard used by MS Word XP/2007 and OpenOffice. This program hasn't been thoroughly tested and there is bound to be bugs and errors. If you do encounter such a bug or have a feature request, please drop me line.

Quite a few people have asked me for such a program over the years and I used to point people over to an online tool I had made available a few years ago but it is no longer alive. As ever, it wasn't until I had a real necessity for such a program a few days ago that I got around to writing a brand new version.


- Thaana Transcoder 1.0 Installer (184KB, MS Windows)
- Thaana Transcoder 1.0 Executable only (78.8KB, MS Windows)

Enjoy :-)

Javascript Thaana Keyboard version 4.2

Here's a minor update to my Javascript Thaana Keyboard library. This release, version 4.2, amounts to a single bugfix addressing an error in key translation for some keys when operating under the "Phonetic-HH" keyboard mode. Everything else remains as per the earlier v4 series releases.

Thanks goes to Nattu for bringing the bug to my attention.


+ Fixed handling of keys when in Phonetic-HH keyboard mode


Usage remains same as before. Please refer to my detailed post on the 4.0 release.


Check out the demonstration and testing page here.


- full source version (5.51 KB)
- packed version (2.46 KB) [recommended]

Update (13-Apr-2009): This version is now superseded by release v4.2.1.