Honeymoon at White Sands

I am back in Male' after spending almost a week in White Sands Resort & Spa on the third leg of the "honeymoon".

The place was, like all of the resorts, a great break away from the noisy, stuffy and bustling life in Male'. The people there were a friendly bunch and service was awesome. The turquoise lagoon around the resort island was enormous and spread far into the horizon. Snorkelling was very enjoyable inside the lagoon and the reef. Both the reef and the shallow lagoon was thriving and littered with many splendid fishes - eagle rays included! They even have a half a dozen of rays that regularly visit their "feeding point" every evening.

A couple of photos to share...

Outside our room.

A stunning sunset!

Messing around with the camera on the jetty.

The bed in the suite... :-P

Feeding rays

A wide view of the water villas from the jetty...


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