Get FREE Internet (while stocks last)

Dhiraagu is currently running a promotion to mark the rollout of their new wifi hotspots around Male'. The hotspots, which are setup in some of the popular cafe's and restaurants, lets customers at these joints enjoy speedy access to internet via laptops, pocket pc's and smartphones. Access is to be granted with the purchase of vouchers but I am not sure if the access offered is time based or data transfer based. However, it would probably be a safe bet that it would not be cheap.

The great thing about this wifi promotion is that they are giving FREE access for the duration of the promotion. That means people in the vicinity of the hotspots can get high speed free internet! The signal is strong and easy to catch atleast around the block and recievable even further off if a wifi antenna is used to boost the signal reception. If you are really desperate for internet and want to cash in on this opportunity, quickly slap up a bi-quad or cantenna for 2.4Ghz use, connect to your wifi card and surf away. Making an antenna certainly makes for an interesting project to while away the afternoon and access to such a antenna has the additional benefit of letting you connect to one of the numerous (unprotected) wifi networks around.

Stay connected! :-P


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