Hunting for late night snacks

Apparently the only food outlet (allowed to be) open in the buzzing city of Male' past 1am is the joint at the first floor of the Fish Market. I have no idea WHY it is the ONLY place allowed open, however, I certainly appreciate having atleast one such place open past the normal times. Afterall, even the shops are all closed after 11pm :-(

Going all the way to "hotaa" above "mas maarukeytu" in the rain is a bother but the place certainly proved itself useful again tonight when me and my buddies found at a loss for a place to grab some chow after hours of work into the night. I am all for having more places open at night. I am sure lots of people who, like me, usually live on a 180 degree out-of-phase pattern compared to the conventional work/sleep schedule, will greatly appreciate the presence of extra choices!

Late night snack at Mas-maarukeytu Hotaaa
A can of Foco to go with Bajiya, Cake, Gulha and Bis-cutlets...


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