launches, uses Blobsy

I always get much pleasure when I see my work being used elsewhere. I got a email today from the creator of the recently launched, informing me of its use of the Blobsy bot framework.

To quote the introduction to the service on the site:
" allows you to keep your forum signatures update to date by displaying your present msn status, and msn nickname, which automatically update. This innovative service is free just add your msn address and click get sig right after to get started."

The site currently has the status image available in the following layouts:

Sig 1

Sig 2

Sig 3

In addition to status images, there is a primitive statistics option that can display the MSN Messenger usage in terms of the status messages the user has set over a period of time. What use it can be of I am not sure, since I for one, leave my status as "Online" most times regardless of whether I am at the PC or not...

Congratulations to Adam Davis on the work. I reckon it might be a neat feature to have a large collection of status image layout/formats available, especially for usage on websites and blogs. Good luck!


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