Tribute to energy drinks :P

The sun is becoming scarce here in Reading, thanks to the onset of the cold dreary seasons of autumn and winter. The nights are getting cold and fog presents a challenge to travel on the road, even on foot. Getting up in the morning is hard work, especially when I end up going to bed around dawn as per my quite insanely erratic sleep/wake cycle.

This is a tribute to the one thing that helps me keep going, on my half an hour walk to university. Laced with enough sugar to have a kid running faster and longer than a bunny on Duracell and enough caffeine to wake up the parts of the brain still deep in REM sleep, energy/sports drinks serve me well. Even though it peps me up just that little bit, it is usually enough to keep my body upright and brain functioning! I am in a seriously lazy and lethargic state these days after all. Sigh.

V, the energy drink!


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