Midnight SegDown

Last nite was a brilliantly productive night. I actually did some work instead of browsing porn or chatting on MSN Messenger. Well technically it wasnt "work" work, more like something I did to avoid doing the real work (at which i am lagging behind a couple galaxies deep in a blackhole).

Well, anyway, this "work" happened to be another addition to the line of softwares I've developed. It is based on a quite unique idea of a friend. As ever, how he came upon the idea is merely another entry to the "neccessity is the mother of all invention" list. Coming up with an idea is one thing and making it a reality is a whole lot another, and along these lines is how this fella never actually got around to implementing it and fashioning it into a working software package. It is admist extremes of boredom yesterday, that I turned my supremely powerful (yet slow, faulted and prone to inconsistencies) brain to tackle the task. An hour or so and I had the basics worked out and tinkering with the less mundane and highly artistic matter of building a user-friendly interface burned up another hour. So by dawn I was testing it by downloading (crappy, low quality but nonetheless enjoyable) porn (surprise!).

It is in mostly working condition now. I dont think I'm allowed to slip out what the so-great mind-blowing idea behind the program is, so I can't tell ya yet. I'm sure you download freaks will want to get your hands on the program though.

Keep an eye here, I'll be bringing live and uncensored information about the progress.

PS: The application has been christened "SegDown".


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