Blobsy Server Window

One of the users of Blobsy (a PHP based bot framework for MSN Messenger I authored) has released a control panel for Blobsy. The project called Blobsy Server Window (BSW) was released by Ralphje.

I haven't given the code a go yet but the BSW project page lists the following features:

* Quiet start/stop of bot - with ability to control multiple bots
* Handle different configuration files - with ability to control multiple bots
* Instant (and permanent) change of program variables
* Possibility of using System Environment variables

This would probably make using Blobsy a whole lot more easier!

Maumoon for MSN Messenger

We all love MSN Messenger don't we? Here is something I made a few months ago to "brighten" up Messenger chat conversations: animated emoticons of our *ahem* beloved *ahem* leader. To use them, just right click on the picture, save it to your computer and load it up in MSN Messenger.


Dhiraagu MMS: kung fu-ed!

Ah. Data back up disks are always nice - especially those with older snaps of work. You find things that you've totally forgotten about. Perhaps it is a photo, a document or maybe that song you used to play all the freaking time. As for me, I just stumbled across a hasty log and an interesting screenshot I had taken around mid 2005.

There is a litter of articles dedicated to Dhiraagu on my blog - there is one about their E-Bill system, another on the WWW proxy server and yet another on their WebSMS service. However, the Dhiraagu MMS service, which I recall as being officially launched in July 05, is something I haven't posted about. But now that I chanced upon this "ancient" screenshot and given that Dhiraagu has revamped their MMS website, I thought I'd share...

The screenshot shows the Dhiraagu MMS internet portal that is intended to be used to retrieve recieved MMS and to acquire MMS content for the phone. The shot shows an SQL injection probe on their website and listed by the system as response is a list of database tables - a couple with interesting names. I leave to your imagination what they contain, for I don't remember going pursuing any further on the matter :-P Note that Dhiraagu seems to have re-programmed their MMS service sometime late last year and I have no idea whether the lapses that gave rise to this exploit exist on the new website.

Dhiraagu MMS exploited?

Exam time

Eeeeeks. My exams start tomorrow! I have 6 exams with one almost everyday till the beginning of the following week. First up tomorrow is my electronics module and I am pseudo-ready for it. Wish me luck. I probably will need it! :-P

All of my course-work/project-work for the various modules were finally completed and handed in this week as per our assignments schedule. The assignments all fetch a healthy chunk of our final grade. I am being optimistic about them though and expect to be in the clear in all course work matters.

Sadly, the end of exams doesn't mean I can relax on study matters as more lectures and work continue after the exam till the end of June and they are said to be critical for next year. Well, so much for post-exam celebrations. Sigh. Anyway, I suppose I shall be travelling back to Male' around early July.



This goes out to someone special that has stormed into my life, bringing along with her a miscellany of most awesome wonders...

Dhivehi songs up for grabs!

I decided to add dhivehi songs to my music playlist recently - started listening to them a bit. However, since I didn't have any dhivehi songs on my hard drives, I was left to scour the internet. Luckily, there is a Maldivian website that boasts an impressive amount of dhivehi songs on its pages - The site seems to be a portal aimed primarily at the people of Gnaviyani atoll (a.k.a Fuahmulah).

Since the above mentioned site stocks quite a lot of dhivehi songs, many people seem to use it to get their fix. Copyright issues and the related legal mambo jumbo aside, this is quite handy when you are abroad (or broke) and want to get hold of some or even a particular song. Sadly, the site does not allow one to directly "download" songs and instead plays the songs via a webpage embedded music player. This forces one to visit the site everytime to listen to the song. I can't be bothered with all that hassle and I suspect many of you can't be either. So I wrote a few lines of code in a hurry to have the site crawled to get the direct links to exactly 546 songs - all ready to be downloaded off the site and onto the computer!

Anyway, I thought I'd share the list. It has the song name and the associated download link to the song. Click here to download the list


Wikipedia Dhivehi

The Dhivehi section at Wikipedia seems to be progressing. The project apparently started in August 2004 and currently stocks 166 articles. I suspect this will improve as more contributors flow in. Additionally, the Wiktionary area has the Dhivehi Radheef available as well as Dhivehi<->English word mappings.

What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is a user contributed Encyclopedia. All the content on it is available for free for everyone and the content diversity and quality is more than comparable to the popular commercial products such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Microsoft Encarta. Wikipedia has versions in all major languages, each with a unique content base. The English section on Wikipedia currently contains over a million articles on various topics. Hopefully, the Dhivehi spin-off of Wikipedia will become as rich a information resource as the English (and various other languages) have achieved. Me, I've learnt a new dhivehi word from there already: އެކުމާފާނު (ekumaafaanu) - it means encyclopedia! I like the word :-)

Hats off to everyone involved in the Wikipedia Dhivehi project - great work and keep it up!