MSA(UK) Extraordinary General Meeting 2007

I have been tied up with the Extraordinary General Meeting 2007 gathering by the Maldivian Students' Association (UK) for the better part of the week. This annual meeting was a big success this year with about 80 members from all over UK coming together at the camp in Manchester from 30th March to 1st April. A lot of new members turned up and as always, was fun-filled and friendly. There were games of football, lava-baazee, ishaaraaiy, dhalhuvattaa, karaoke, dancing etc in addition to serious discussions on various MSA(UK) issues and projects at hand.

One of the more interesting events this year was that Sappe', of the Dhivehi Observer fame, turned up to the meeting in his capacity as an Associate Member of the association. Though news of his attendance had resulted several eye-brows from several members, Sappe' kept to expressed wishes of mingling with the students and to join in the activities. It was quite amusing to see the students (including me :-P) all gather around this Maldivian celebrity and engage in the normal sort of chat.

- Check out the EGM event news and the event photos

Project GoTeach
MSA(UK) is in the process of planning an activity this year called GoTeach. Project GoTeach, as it is lovingly called, is aimed at students utilizing their summer holidays (June-Oct) to head off to the islands and spend a week or two to take on a bunch of students and tutor them. The original plan was to help towards O'level revisions but has now been (sort of) expanded to include exam preparations, study methods etc. The project is open to all students in the UK and elsewhere and everyone is encouraged to join in on this effort. Details of the project is available at the MSA(UK) GoTeach section.

MSA(UK) is evolving this year with a lot of activities planned ahead. If you are in UK, give us a shout and join us on our next activity. If you are in the Maldives, then look out for a few interesting MSA activities later this year!


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