"Cybernetics and Intelligent Search" @ MCHE on 24th Sept

I will be giving a presentation on cybernetics and (more specifically) artificial intelligence at the Faculty of Management and Computing (FMC) of the Maldives College of Higher Education (MCHE) on Monday 24th of September and will run from 11.30am - 1.30pm. I've titled the presentation "Cybernetics and Intelligent Search". Students at FMC (or elsewhere at the college, I suppose) are invited to attend. :-)

My presentation will include a general introduction to cybernetics (and it's sub-fied of AI), notes on some important intelligent search methods and finally some information on the various aspects of my intelligent search-related project at uni this year. I (hope to) have some interesting demo's and simulations packed in as well. There'd also be a Q&A session at the end to wrap things up.

I am doing this presentation towards fulfilling a requirement for my study programme at the University of Reading where I am currently working towards a MEng in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics. I hope that I'd be able to take this opportunity to fulfil my university obligations and at the same time impart something of value to everyone who attends.

(Please feel free to pass the message onto any of your friends attending FMC or MCHE. Thanks!)


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