My meals

I am feeding myself. I realized that 48 hours had passed since I had a decent meal and of which the latter 24 was spent inside the confines of my room.

I can't even remember most of what I did for the first 24 hours of the 48. I remember going out the night. I remember meeting up with friends of a friend. I remember celebrating the birthday of a friend at the flat block in their student residence. I remember a cute chick, two drunken guys and blood. The cute chick had a lovely smile and greenish-blue eyes that set me ablaze. I know she talked to me but I can't remember what she said. I remember the drunken guys arguing and breaking into a fight. Blood spilt from one their noses, punched and smashed - but I can't remember why they had such a violent disagreement. I think I got back to my room. I think I even made tea after getting back. Or maybe it was much later... Whenever it was that I made the tea, I know I never drank it. It stood on the table top getting cold, never having passed down my esophagus, till I threw it out today. Why I never drank it, I don't remember.

I have been on fluids much of today - orange juice, tomato juice and water to be exact. I finally walked into the kitchen as the sunset and the fireworks began, yet again, with the excuse of still celebrating Guy Fawkes. I made beef curry, mostly because the beef had a "best-before" date of tomorrow. Well I usually do not take heed of those "best-before" dates. It says "best-before" after all. It would say "expiry" if it was going to be invalid after a certain date right? I chose not to ignore the notice this time since I still have the vivid memories of drinking funny tasting orange juice and ending up puking it all out to be flushed down the toilet - the juice had passed its "best-before" date... Must have been a freak accident I guess. Afterall, it never happened before - except for once when I ate a tub of yoghurt - throwing up a few minutes later. Again, it was only a few days past "best before". They really should start printing "expiry" instead of best before. They should realize that there are people who don't have too high expectations - people for whom "best" is meaningless, especially when used in combination with "before". These group of people do not care whether the best period has passed. They are numb to the high expectations everyone else seem to have. Then again, I can understand why certain products come with "best-before" dates. Lets take the shining example of women. Nature makes women with a "best before" of 35 while he chose men to only have "expiry" dates. Maybe there is wisdom in our food being labelled ?best-before? too?!

I shall share with you some of my lovely meals from the past week. These photos were taken to satisfy my mom, who gets utterly concerned over my eating habits. She wasn't too happy to know I still haven?t consumed the "theluli bambukeyo" she gave me when I came to Reading. Sadly, there is only so much one can eat of "theluli bambukeyo" with sugar without getting bored of the bland taste...

Spaghetti with lamb mince.

Beef curry and egg rice.


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