Thaana conversions class for PHP 5 - v0.3

Here is a minor update to my previously released Thaana Conversions class for PHP. This new version adds the function convertUtf8ToEntities() which I had forgotten to include in the previous public release.

The Thaana Conversions class for PHP provides a number of useful functions for the conversion and transliteration of text between various Thaana representation formats.

Functions listing:
- convertUtf8ToUnicodeIntegers()
- convertUtf8ToAscii()
- convertUtf8ToEntities()
- convertEntitiesToUnicodeIntegers()
- convertEntitiesToUtf8
- convertEntitiesToAscii()
- convertUnicodeIntegersToUtf8()
- convertUnicodeIntegersToEntities()
- convertUnicodeIntegersToAscii()
- convertAsciiToUtf8()
- convertAsciiToUnicodeEntities()
- convertAsciiToUnicodeIntegers()


Open Source MIT License

// Load the class
require 'thaana_conversions.obj.php';

// Initialize the Thaana object
$thaana = new Thaana_Conversions();

// Example: Converting Thaana expressed as HTML entities to ASCII
echo $thaana->convertEntitiesToAscii('&#1931;&#1960;&#1928;&#1964;&#1920;&#1960;');

// Example: Converting ASCII Thaana to UTF-8
echo $thaana->convertAsciiToUtf8('rWacje');

- (v0.3, 4KB)

Drop me a line if you run into trouble with any of the functionality or have comments/queries. Enjoy :-)

Update (29-Jan-2009): This version is now superseded by the v0.4 release.


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