Against the violence in Gaza

I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the growing number of innocent casualties in the profoundly inhumane and insane war currently being waged between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

This is my protest against the Israeli siege of Gaza, their use of disproportionate mass-casualty weapons and their crippling sanctions in Gaza. I fail to see how such action is conducive to attaining a lasting solution. The most probable outcome we could expect from this course of action, perhaps, is for it to breed anger and even hatred amongst those affected - something we all could live happier without. This is also my protest against the exploitation of the civilian population and dwellings by Hamas in their military activities against Israel.

As a firm pacifist, it appalls me to see the eagerness towards violence, by both these groups of people, as a means to solve their disputes and disagreements. It appalls me that both parties continue the violence despite the growing fatalities and injuries. It appalls me that the world powers have let the situation continue to deteriorate without stepping in.

My heart goes out to all those people caught up in this conflict...


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