Knock knock...

I *am* alive and kicking. The lack of blog updates is a direct reflection of the effects the onset of winter is having on me. Winter has brought in that dreaded cold and gloom over the skies and has kicked the sunshine out of me. I prefer to hibernate than move about the slightest.

Most of the past week is up in a blur except for the last weekend, when I got myself to go visit my uncle and his family in Bristol. The trip from Reading to Bristol was quite memorable. The trip took a good two and half hours on the train with me having to switch in between due to a cancelled train route. I spent an additional two hours waiting for trains and another hour waiting for a bus in Bristol. The bus would have taken me right next to my uncle's place had I not been dumb enough to prematurely get off the bus in the middle of nowhere. I offered myself consolation by telling myself that it was dark and that anyone may easily loose bearings on an empty stomach. Luckily, my navigational abilities landed me at their doorstep with another half an hour of walking - which I wouldn't have minded were it not for the chilly air, the laptop and miscellaneous heavy scrap I had in my backpack. I was drained by the time I reached the warm coziness of their home and ended up falling asleep on their large comfy couch a few minutes later.

Despite the hassles in getting there, I had a fun weekend in Bristol. Being at the behest of a family and being smothered by their hospitality cheered me up (not to say that I was depressed prior to that). The little kids injected much needed energy into the environment ? especially the youngest one who seemed to be on a constant high on Speed all day around. I wish I had that much energy to burn. Hehe.


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