Dhivehi article on Leonid meteor shower

Lately, I have really been wanting to finish up the science book in Dhivehi for kids that I started to work on about 3 years ago but I need some practice in writing Dhivehi, especially on scientific topics, to do that. So as a start, I have written a little news article in Dhivehi on the Leonid meteor shower and published it at Muraasil.com. It is my intention to regularly publish Dhivehi articles on science and technology over at Muraasil in future. I hope someone finds it useful and worth the read...

Anyway, the Leonid meteor shower this year is said to be strong over much of Asia and has been estimated to clock in as many as 500 meteors an hour. So keep an eye on the skies on Nov 17th for lots of shooting stars and keep those wishes handy!


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