Beating a child to "question" Jinn is insane and cruel

Irrational, delusional beliefs are always unjustifiable and aren't always harmless. Such beliefs can and do lay the foundation that lead people to do insane and terrible things. It was with shock and horror that I read yesterday of the news story on Haveeru Daily website about a group of people in Haa Alifu atoll Baarah island that beat a sick child on the palms and sole of the feet with an eakle broom a few days ago in order to "question the Jinn" on the outcome of the local council elections that was to take place yesterday.

The people of the island apparently believed that the child was "possessed by the Jinn" and believed, as many Maldivians do, that they could access "future knowledge" through the supernatural super-awesome powers possessed by the Jinn. It matters not that the child most certainly suffers from some mental or psychological affliction and probably could be cured or managed by medicine! It matters not that it is entirely unethical, immoral and down right cruel to torture a sick child!

Shouldn't the title of the article in Haveeru read "ވޯޓުގެ ނަތީޖާ ހޯދުމުގެ ނަމުގައި ބާރަށުގައި ކުޑަކުއްޖަކަށް އަނިޔާކޮށްފި" rather than "ވޯޓުގެ ނަތީޖާ ހޯދުމަށް ބާރަށުގައި ޖިންނިއާއި ސުވާލުކޮށްފި"?

Shouldn't the people involved be charged with child abuse?!


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