Tech meet-ups and Hackathon

There has been an interesting meet-up for techies every Saturday for the past several weeks. The meet-ups were a brilliant initiative of the great guys at Limopalm with support from Leaf Technology (thanks guys!). The meet-ups usually loosely center around a topic chosen beforehand and are organised and publicized on Facebook. The last meet-up, on 10th December was on the topic "Discussing Web Development Issues" while previous meet-ups have discussed things ranging from software development methodologies to noSQL databases.

Anyway, at the very first meetup, I took the opportunity of having a bunch of developers in one room to propose something I've had in mind for quite a while - a Hackathon event in the Maldives. Everyone seems to be interested in seeing what they can come up with in such an event. The current ideas are to hold the event sometime in February 2012, away from Male' in a mostly isolated place, where the participating individuals or teams will be given 24-48 hours to work on their project. Winners will be chosen from among different categories - commercial-related, community-related, public vote etc. Nothing is set in stone yet and discussions are ongoing at the meet-ups and on the Hackathon group on Facebook.

Today is a Saturday and there will be a meet-up at 5pm at Leaf Technology (M. Chaandhaneege, 4th floor). Today's meetup will be specifically on discussing and planning the hackathon event. If you are in the computer/software industry and are interested, drop-in! :-)


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