End of holidays

The winter break is (sadly) finally over and it is time to head back University, back to the lectures and books. This semester is going be busier than the last and there are a couple of exams littered around here and there throughout. Hopefully, it will be as fun and enjoyable as last semester.

I got back to Reading today after spending much of the entire 4 weeks off in Bristol. The train ride to Reading today was pretty much eventless. My room was freeeeeeezing when I came back, so much so that I was bothered enough to go out and shell out some money for a mini heater. It has made my room so much warmer since! The holidays could have been better but I don't really intend on complaining. I did get to settle several pressing business matters and work out some major personal dilemmas. All in all, the 4 weeks of holidays has seen me through some amazing mini-miracles that has set quite a few important things in seemingly the right direction. What more could I ask for eh?



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