Introducing.... ScienceMaldives!

ScienceMaldives is one of my latest pet projects. It is a collaborative effort that saw its beginnings in January 2006 and features Muthasim and Adnan in the driving seat, in addition to myself. The work is currently still under development and is scheduled to be officially launched on 1st March.

The aim of the venture is to nurture and support the development of science and science education in the Maldives. We want it to be a resource for students in various stages of education as well as a resource for the curious non-students. We will be publishing articles, how-to's and providing/facilitating answers to specific questions that any of you may have. It is also aimed at being a means of access to material - journals, news, research papers etc from around the world. Additionally, we wish to promote research and application of science in the Maldives through increased awareness and education. Despite the name, it is not our intention to stick entirely to pure sciences and therefore we welcome the applied sciences and social sciences as well.

The ScienceMaldives wesite is mostly blank for now as we are working on the content at the moment to be readied for our official launch. The site also contains a discussion forum targetted at engaging our users in intellectual debates and as a means of obtaining answers to questions. The forum is already active with quite a few members aboard and many ongoing discussions. We hope that the site and forum would be better able to serve the needs of the Maldivian populace than similar foreign resources.

This effort is a strictly not-for-profit operation and we will be relying on the participation and content contribution by our visitors and users to achieve and maintain ScienceMaldives a reliable and rich source of information. Educators are encouraged to contribute articles as we wholeheartedly believe such deliverance of knowledge would help build a more educated and enlightened society in the Maldives. If you are interested in contributing to our efforts, please do drop me an email.

We do carry big dreams and hopes for the future of the venture. If things workout well, we intend on publishing a newsletter/journal in the Maldives. We also hope to cultivate practical forays into science by organizing and executing science fairs (which is something which the government has conveniently abandoned in favour of having more singing competitions per year :-P ). These strictly remain long term goals for now and we are concentrating on compiling the website into a notable resource for all science lovers in the Maldives.

The ScienceMaldives site is located at . Join the forum and start posting at


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