Ups and Downs

It's the weekend finally and I get to sleep a little (a lot?) longer. I woke up today to the sound of my Pocket PC declaring that it was the first of Ramazan. I am not sure how it came up with that announcement but today certainly is not the first of Ramazan - I should get around to reconfiguring Pocket Islam for the correct dates and location.

Past week has had many ups and downs. I finally got my luggage back about 3 days ago - yes, after 4 long days of waiting empty handed. It was such a relief to get all my gear back intact and totally made my day. Sadly, however, one of mom's kulhikaajaa packets had burst open and spread all over my clothes and I ended up vacuuming the clothes and the room. The airline isn't offering any compensation though and hasn't responded to my emails. Anyway, I don't think I'll fly Qatar Airways from now on.

On the same day, my girlfriend of 4 years came online after successfully avoiding me for almost a month to kindly declare that after a long period of reflection and thought, she didn't think we should continue the relationship anymore. Interestingly I wasn't surprised or hurt or depressed - I guess I had gone through all the scenarios in the weeks she avoided me. She has her own problems - studies, family, work and all of the rest of lifes confusing blessings to worry about. Well, I am free and single now... so, girls: let the flirting begin!

The enrolment, modules selection, health registration and all the other miscellaneous registration processes have also been dealth with during last week. I will be doing modules on cybernetics, maths, electronics, internet, software engineering and programming for the next year. Studies begin Monday and I am quite looking forward to it. Hopefully this will tickle my mind more than work has for the oh-so-many years. My tutor is a Dr. X. Hong specialising in cybernetics and seems to be a nice person. Well, I hope she is. She is supposed to be monitoring my academic and personal performance throughout the year and I surely don't want to be in her bad books when I need some favour or exemption.

My flat mates are a nice bunch. Everyone seems to get along with each other fine. Everyone's been nice to me and quite helpful too. Sadly, the cat has got my tongue so I end up keeping quiet most of the time. I have yet to figure out this introvertedness in me - maybe it's intimidation, maybe insecurity or maybe boredom. I have always considered myself to be an extrovert, confident and talkative but then again I think I've always taken a while to warm up to new people and not just foriegners.

Enough of my mundane blabbing for the time being. Tata.

This is my beloved room in the hall - home for a year atleast.

View out of my room window. It really isn't as dreary as it looks.


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