I am on a mini break away in Manchester at the moment.

My exams finished peacefully except for one day when I absent-mindedly walked over to the wrong examination hall - thankfully, a short sprint had me at the correct hall in time. :-P Anyway, no university obligations for another week, after which I have some compulsory sessions in preparation for a mobile robot we will be constructing next year as part of our cybernetics module. I am really looking forward to that!

TV series and movies frequent my daily schedule now. I watched X-Men 3 recently. It wasn't too bad a movie I guess, atleast I didn't fall asleep like the last time I hit the cinema and watched Silent Hill which turned out to be total disappointment - but then, that's just my opinion. I watched "Road to Guantanamo" last nite - the film is based on a real life account of a few who were (wrongly) imprisoned in Guantanamo by the Americans. I've also devoted a whole load of time numbing my brain with a couple of TV series since the exams - namely, House M.D. seasons 1 & 2 ( i liikkeee), Joey seasons 1 & 2 (funny, sort of), Sleeper Cell season 1 (nice!).

On a train from London to Reading...

Manchester Piccadilly train station

On a sunny day Whiteknights campus, Uni of Reading

Duck family...


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