Underground films

I recently stumbled across an interesting website called "Undergroundfilm". This site contains a growing collection of indie movie productions. You can find a variety of movie types there, ranging from cheesy advertisements to documentaries on topics you will not find on public TV channels. The "Highly rated" and the "Featured films" section on the site may provide a good starting point to locate some interesting movies to cater for your liking.

The movies are in Apple QuicktTime format and you can grab the videos using your favourite download manager for later viewing. In most cases, they offer a high quality as well as a lower quality video download. The size of the high movies is still manageable in most cases, with the average size lurking around 20MB thus making it quite accessible for people on slower connections as well. I do recommend choosing the higher quality versions even though they take a bit longer to download.

I came across the site when I had followed a link to a documentary on the "Cult of the Dead Cow" hacker organisation who became extremely famous around 1998 after their release of the BackOrifice remote system administration software for the Microsoft Windows environment. It is an interesting selection and I suggest you view it even if you are not interested in the computer hacking scene. Here is the link to it, incase you are interested.

Other interesting movies I found include "Latex" (hilarious!), "A Normal Life" (interesting, artistic) and "New Testament" (must see!).

Have fun!