Return from Ungoofaaru

I returned from Ungoofaaru (Raa Atoll) this morning. I had a wonderful ride on a tiny speed boat from Ungoofaaru to Meedhupparu Resort early in the morning when the sun was low on the horizon and life was waking up to a new day. The ride to Male' from Meedhupparu was on a sea plane. The view out of the plane window was amazing thanks to the good weather today - too bad I didn't have my camera to shoot a few pictures of the wonders of the Maldive islands.

I felt sad leaving the island behind, watching it disappear into the horizon. I've made a bunch of new friends among the trip mates and I quite like them. They are energetic and each posses an amusing, unique personality. I also picked up a few acquaintances from the island... though it's a sad possiblity that I may not meet them ever again :-(

The Raa Atoll website project, which I was there for, couldn't be finished before I had to leave. The project is still going ahead fullspeed. I also taught a crash course on Microsoft Access while I was there. The course was conducted by Resource Education - the company that (sub)contracted me the website. Teaching was a thrill and I loved educating people! I think the students loved my class. I am satisfied that I imparted a bit of knowledge to them.

The quiet, relaxed time I've had in Ungoofaaru has injected me with new energy and given time for reflection on a lot of things. Sitting in joali's under the cool shade of trees, thinking and observing the world as it is in the island, gave me the jolt that I needed snap out of the dreary life in Male'. I left the island refreshed and a bit more enlightened...

A couple of my students taking their test after the end of the course.

Kids playing carefree on the quiet, empty road.

This was just so cutttee! A baby with her brothers in front of their house.

Scene from the life at temporary shelters for tsunami victims from Kandholhudhoo.

Sunrise, captured in its glory on my way to Meedhupparu.


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