Return from Ungoofaaru

I returned from Ungoofaaru (Raa Atoll) this morning. I had a wonderful ride on a tiny speed boat from Ungoofaaru to Meedhupparu Resort early in the morning when the sun was low on the horizon and life was waking up to a new day. The ride to Male' from Meedhupparu was on a sea plane. The view out of the plane window was amazing thanks to the good weather today - too bad I didn't have my camera to shoot a few pictures of the wonders of the Maldive islands.

I felt sad leaving the island behind, watching it disappear into the horizon. I've made a bunch of new friends among the trip mates and I quite like them. They are energetic and each posses an amusing, unique personality. I also picked up a few acquaintances from the island... though it's a sad possiblity that I may not meet them ever again :-(

The Raa Atoll website project, which I was there for, couldn't be finished before I had to leave. The project is still going ahead fullspeed. I also taught a crash course on Microsoft Access while I was there. The course was conducted by Resource Education - the company that (sub)contracted me the website. Teaching was a thrill and I loved educating people! I think the students loved my class. I am satisfied that I imparted a bit of knowledge to them.

The quiet, relaxed time I've had in Ungoofaaru has injected me with new energy and given time for reflection on a lot of things. Sitting in joali's under the cool shade of trees, thinking and observing the world as it is in the island, gave me the jolt that I needed snap out of the dreary life in Male'. I left the island refreshed and a bit more enlightened...

A couple of my students taking their test after the end of the course.

Kids playing carefree on the quiet, empty road.

This was just so cutttee! A baby with her brothers in front of their house.

Scene from the life at temporary shelters for tsunami victims from Kandholhudhoo.

Sunrise, captured in its glory on my way to Meedhupparu.


I'm still in Raa Atoll. This is something I wrote after observing and listening to the tales of my trip mates...


I smile at her. She smiles back, already being overwhelmed by the same loneliness that propels me. She reaches up, prays and grabs a handful of hope ? the kind that deludes her to think that I would be the one that quenches her thirst for a companion. The one that accepts what she has to offer, that loves her for what she is. The one who sees how really deft she is. These I know, from secrets she has disclosed to all evening.

I lie to her. Lie quite easily, for I am no longer bound by what would have killed me dead in the tracks otherwise. I am being sneaky. Desires have gained possession of me. Desires that arise unknown to my conscious. These needs seem to stem from something more animal, something more inherent to the human than my conscience moulded by society.

I tell her things. She feels her magnetic charms working. I tell her of the wonderful things she has on offer. I articulate with handsome portions of praise and compliments. Suddenly, the conversation becomes flooded with expressions of love and desire. I tell her of the rarity of me kneeling down to a woman and licking feet. I tell her how I savor the delicious tang of her feet. I tell her how beautiful she looks, how wonderful she feels, how her aroma has got me imprisoned in something beautiful.

I sense something wild building up inside. We both feel it. We are aware of its increasing intensity. We are aware of the immediacy - of the eventuality, that this whole drama is escalating towards. We just sped past any countering rationality, way past the concerns for warnings from the wise crowds of humanity. We?ve landed in a fluidic space where just the two of us subsist. We?ve reached nirvana - a world of fantasy where actions need no justification.

Moments later, she is lying on this bare bed, she herself in all her nakedness. Her petite, brown, scrawny body sprawled under the dimmed lights above. The air stank of the spent energy of sexual gymnastics. Then, from some where deep in the still struggling sagacity of my mind there comes a warning. The warning is bleary. The warning appears meaningless. I refuse to take heed - the warning is wasted. I drift back from this momentary internal struggle to the present in all agility and swiftness. I lay entwined with her female body - both expended - and drift off into deep slumber.


360 view at Ungoofaaru beach

Here is a 360 degree panorama conjured up from a lazy session of stitching up sloppily shot images on the beach here on Ungoofaaru. Boredom is productive sometimes... innit?

With Love, From Ungoofaaru

Haha. This is wicked! It's my third day in Ungoofaaru of Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi (better known as Raa Atoll). I'm away from the honking of vehicles and grinding of construction machines of Male'. I'm free in the wild. Free in the abundance of nature.

Work is light and I get a lot of time for myself. I've completed the requirements analysis, developed a concept and I am now onto layout designs and systems setup. The prototype of the website would be up soon. I hope.

The day begins with energy. The bright sun,the blue ocean and the green and orange hues of palm trees really keeps me upbeat. The people here are relaxed and don't seem to have much to do. Amazingly, they've got two establishments offering Cable TV! There is also a CyberCafe here offering internet via dialup. (Speaking of internet, the GPRS connection wasn't worth the time or the effort!) The night sees the island go quieter, with the sounds of waves and swaying of trees becoming more prominent. The sky is dark and unpolluted and I can enjoy star gazing - I wish I brought the telescope. Venus is bright as ever and Mars makes the red dot unmissable. Scorpio and Libra constellations are visible directly overhead from 8pm to 10pm.

I took a stroll around the island yesterday, snapping some pictures to keep the sights stored for later. Here are a few…