With Love, From Ungoofaaru

Haha. This is wicked! It's my third day in Ungoofaaru of Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi (better known as Raa Atoll). I'm away from the honking of vehicles and grinding of construction machines of Male'. I'm free in the wild. Free in the abundance of nature.

Work is light and I get a lot of time for myself. I've completed the requirements analysis, developed a concept and I am now onto layout designs and systems setup. The prototype of the website would be up soon. I hope.

The day begins with energy. The bright sun,the blue ocean and the green and orange hues of palm trees really keeps me upbeat. The people here are relaxed and don't seem to have much to do. Amazingly, they've got two establishments offering Cable TV! There is also a CyberCafe here offering internet via dialup. (Speaking of internet, the GPRS connection wasn't worth the time or the effort!) The night sees the island go quieter, with the sounds of waves and swaying of trees becoming more prominent. The sky is dark and unpolluted and I can enjoy star gazing - I wish I brought the telescope. Venus is bright as ever and Mars makes the red dot unmissable. Scorpio and Libra constellations are visible directly overhead from 8pm to 10pm.

I took a stroll around the island yesterday, snapping some pictures to keep the sights stored for later. Here are a few…


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