Jawish.org - the new home to my blog!

I moved! My blog is going to be resident at this address from now on. Jawish.org, named so after my firstname, is going to be my permanent personal portal on the internet or rather my digital playground as I like to call it. I operated under this domain back in 1999, just a few months after I first got my hands on a computer and developed an obsessive fascination for computing. Sadly, I had gotten the domain on a trial offer and when the trial expired a few months later so did my beloved domain. I have re-registered the domain with the intention of giving my internet presence some permanency.

My journey on the internet has been an interesting and fruitful one in my view. I have maintained a constant WWW presence through the years via the various projects I've spearheaded or been part of. I cherish the times spent on maldivianunderground.com, munet.net, bichoo.net and maldivianunderground.net, using them as an outlet of my thoughts and work, especially through the various software releases and internet based services that I had developed. You may even have used a few of the stuff I released under these projects: Messenger Plus Plus - plugin for MSN Messenger, MLS Converter, Accent Converter, Unicode converter for Dhivehi, Latin to Dhivehi converter, Radheef, bLoBsy - the MSN Messenger bot, Email2SMS gateway, SMS Sender...

I entered the world of blogging in Sept 2005, first operating at http://jawish.blogspot.com/ using the free blogging service from Blogger and made a jump in Oct the same year to a corner on the Technova Pvt Ltd website basing myself at http://jaa.technova.com.mv/. I originally started blogging with much vigor but lately I find myself not the least bit arsed to blog. I hope to change that though, afterall blogging definitely has been fun and is a great way to express my thoughts and opinions. I've found it especially interesting that blogging enables me to engage in a sort conversation with people whom I do not even know. My blog currently has 162 posts and clocks around 500 unique visits per day on average- which isn't too bad since atleast someone seems to be reading what I blab about :-P

Sadly for me though, blogging has kicked out my projects and creations almost into oblivion - only existing in the realm of a random blog post. I intend to bring together both the projects/creations and thoughts/ideas by creating my happy little place on the net. A central outlet of and for myself, here to stay till I expire!!

PS: If you have links or bookmarks pointing to my old address, please do update them to this new one. Thanks.


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