Walk down my blogging lane

I realized today that there were quite a few of my blog posts with links and images that were broken, mostly as a result of the blog address changes I've gone through (starting from jawish.blogspot.com -> jaa.technova.com.mv -> finally jawish.org). I had to go through my post archives in order to fix the dead URLs but it was nice to go back into my blogging history and reconnect with the various posts that I've made since I started blogging back in 2005. I've truly fallen in love with blogging as a means to express myself and I'd do it even at the risk of talking to a dead wall, only to get my own echoes...

Here's to the past, with a few of my posts that seems to have gotten the most attention by the visitors to the blog!

Messing about:
- Hacking a SE T610 camera for IR
- Dhiraagu WebSMS secrets
- I, Dhiraagu proxy server
- Dhiraagu E-Bill flaw!
- Maldives Police Service Wanted Person Notice Generator

- AJAX flavoured Radheef released!
- Dhiraagu Directory for PocketPC and Smartphone

- Quranic Faalu Belun
- For science and knowledge
- The Game of Life
- Wages of sin
- On the reality of Jinns



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