Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy! I've got a four week break away from the university starting yesterday. I am so glad I don?t have to wake up early morning and I could even numb my mind from the usual bombardment of information that I subject my poor brain to everyday. Anyway, a timeout from studies to settle other matters queuing up in my life seems to be an essential step right now.

There seems to be a gazillion projects Technova needs to handle and finish now. We are currently working on several projects including websites for National Center for Information Technology and Miadhu Daily newspaper. I also have one project lingering from the days I was freelancing earlier this year after I resigned from Itek Pvt Ltd (a business I had co-founded and worked under since 1999). The holidays have given me time to dive back into programming.

I can now spare chunks of time to work on my pet projects as well. There are quite a few technical experiments I have wanted to undertake over the past few months - like I could finally take out that PIC chip I've had stashed in my cupboard and get on with experimenting with microcontroller programming. I think my electronics course covers PIC programming next semester so this hopefully will be beneficial for then too. This year has also seen the coming of what has been named "Web 2.0" and other new technologies that am just dying to read up on and familiarize myself towards fluency. The science book I am trying to write can also begin with new vigor and maybe reach a conclusion.

The winter holidays coincides with the beginning of a period that my horoscope calls an excellent time for love and relationships. So hoping that the astrologer is right, I?ve decided to head out to acquire new female companionship ( that's ?female companionship? as in "girlfriend"!). This concludes a period of conscious aversion to females. Hehe. :-P


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