Work and rejections...

Time flies! I didn't realize it had been 10 days since my last blog post. I guess it happens when you are trying to enjoy holidays. *Such* a lovely holiday it has been thus far I tell you. :S

The (company) work laid out for the holidays has been going on as planned. We've taken on board a dedicated designer to help us with the influx of projects. A few of the projects have reached a conclusion while more new stuff has come our way. The work has been erratic though and going forward in short, sudden bursts. It is quite a wonder how we make progress but that is not to say we are useless and inefficient. The time differences and frequent travel schedules of our group has been the annoying culprits. We continue to face major obstacles in ridding ourselves of the problems of having the team geographically separated and spread. We are working on implementing automation and work flow management systems at Technova to help organize ourselves and the work for more coherence. The efficiency and through-put of the company is expected to rise once we get the systems into use.

Meanwhile, my romantic pursuit has resulted in zilch. I met this girl about a month ago and immediately developed an intense attraction to her. I had a genuine interest in her as a person and that was further cemented as I got to know her better. I dared to ask her out recently for a movie date but ended up getting turned down point-blank, cold and emotionless! Getting turned down when you are pumped with excitement and brimming with confidence surely delivers the equivalent of an agonizing kick to the nuts. Unsurprisingly, I still am very much interested in her but I think I shall let fate play the cards the way it wants for the time being. In any case, it maybe time I brush up on dating basics and tune-up my wooing talents... :-)



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