As April ends...

Easter holidays went off quite quickly - the five weeks off university that I got surely seemed to whizz past anyway. I attended the MSA Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) 2006 in Bristol from 14th-17th April. The new website for MSA that I worked on got launched at the meeting. The EGM event, which was filled with various activities and spread over 4 days, was quite fun!

It is back to university now and exams are looming right around the corner - starts end of May to be more precise. Grrr. I have got a load of assignments and project works to hand in over the next few weeks as well. Wish me luck ;-)

A few photos from past weeks...

Bristol center...

Feet - mine and hers.

Hippodrome, Bristol.

Spring greens, Reading.

Love birds? :-P

A random road at sunset, Reading.


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