Dhives – A free Dhives Akuru font

Earlier this year, Nattu and I took a break from work to work on something fun and different. The result: A Dhives Akuru font. We published this a while back at the Semicolon blog, I'm posting it here just for reference.

I admit the font is very unpolished. I should have spent more time cleaning it up but I had to spend a whole lot of time reading up, learning how Dhives Akuru works, finding sample characters etc. I read pretty much everything I could find on Dhives Akuru on the web and learnt a whole lot about Dhives Akuru along the way. And it is a complex beast.

Dhives Akuru is the script used in the Maldives until it was replaced officially by Thaana as the official script for Dhivehi.


Using Dhives with the font is pretty straightforward. We have mapped the characters phonetically like the popular Thaana keyboard mapping. Except for the several scenarios involving conjuncts and combinations requiring the use of ligatures when designing and building the font, which has been skipped, it is just like writing Thaana (or so we believe!).

- Dhives – A free Dhives Akuru font