Radheef for Ubiquity

Earlier this week, Mozilla Labs released a very interesting (and useful) new extension for Firefox called "Ubiquity". It basically taps into the services provided by web services to integrate them better into the browsing experience. For an introduction to Ubiquity, it'd be best to read the post on the Mozilla Labs blog where the product was launched - the video featured in the post presents quite impressive practical enhancements to the browsing experience made possible by the product.

Radheef for Ubiquity
Radheef for Ubiquity adds the verb 'bas' to Ubiquity to facilitate quick and easy look up of definitions of Dhivehi words from any Thaana web page using the Radheef. To lookup a word you find on a Thaana web page, you can either select the word and bring up Ubiquity. Alternatively, you can type the word in to the Ubiquity command window. The definition results are shown immediately within the Ubiquity command bubble.

To install this, visit the Radheef for Ubiquity page after Ubiquity is installed and follow the normal verb installation steps.


In use on a selected word on the Unicode-based Jazeera Daily website

In use on a selected word on the Ascii-based Haveeru Daily website. It offers helpful suggestions if no result is available for query word as-is.

Happy browsing :-)

Website for Muizzu, Suoodu & Co. now live

One of the last website projects I had worked under Technova in 2007 was the website for Muizzu, Suood & Co. law firm. The website was completed and went live towards the end of the year. They were one of the easiest to deal with clients we've had and I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the project.

The MSC website was among the first to use our new slimmed-down Content Management System designed with small businesses in mind, focussing on delivering a website quickly together with basic content editing facilities. Technova will be launching a low-budget website development package based on the new system sometime soon.

New website for Maldivian Students' Association-UK

I've been tied up past few days developing a new website for the Maldivian Students' Association-UK, as well as developing a new website Content Management System for Technova.

The new website for MSA is now online at http://www.msa-uk.org/. The website has a few more content updates to be done and is awaiting the member registration/management system to be put in place along with a few "community" tools to be also tied in.

MSA will be holding their Annual General Meeting(AGM) in London in just a few days. If you are a Maldivian student in the UK, you are welcome to pop into the MSA base anytime 22nd-24th Dec and join the activities.

MSA online presence revamped

Millzero.com re-design

My best buddy Nishan (who goes by the handle "Millzero" on the internet) is a great, aspiring photographer. He started off on photography by himself around 2001 when we were running MaldivianUnderground.com together. He has come a long way since and works real hard to better himself. He produces fantastic photos now...

Anyway, I developed a new design for his photographic website/blog and just launched the revamped site. Check out his site: Millzero.com

MTDC site goes live

We (Technova) just brought the (temporary) website for the Maldives Tourism Development Corporation online. We scored the project only a few days ago and had very little time to develop the website. I am handling the project at Technova and the current site design for MTDC is my produce.

Check out the site here.

MTDC at launch

SCZMC website launched!

The very first website development project of Technova Pvt. Ltd. rolled out of the assembly lines a few weeks ago and has been officially made public. Our project client, SAARC Coastal Zone Management Centre, launched the website in a ceremony held today. The project had a good chunk of the work handled by me and features design work by yours truly as well.

The website is now accessible at http://www.sczmc.org/

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome ;-)