Akunbakun update: 1 week expiry date

I made a slight change to Akunbakun, the Facebook application, over the weekend that makes Akunbakun challenges expire one week after they have been set. A message about the expiry is published to the mini feed and news feed along with the names of all those who managed to win that particular challenge.

I plan to add features to make it easier to find which of your friends has an active Akunbakun challenge running as an easier alternative to having to run through profiles to see if they have one.

Meanwhile, the number of users of the application keeps on increasing! :-)

Expiry notice as published in the mini feed

Akunbakun for Facebook - 100th user and Rankings

Akunbakun for Facebook, which I released last month, racked up it's 100th user today and so I'm celebrating the occasion by adding a new feature: Ranking.

Ranking is basically the success rate of the user on the Akunbakun challenges they take up. Numerically, it is simply a ratio between the number of wins and the number of tries taken. I added the feature to allow users to know how they are doing overall and to entice people to play more and get better scores. ;-)

Ranking, along with a few minor fixes and enhancements, has been rolled out a while ago and the Akunbakun box on the profile pages of all those who have added the application would now reflect the change.


The new Ranking feature on Akunbakun

Akunbakun for Facebook - Update

As I posted here on my blog, I launched a Facebook application called "Akunbakun" which is based on the old Maldivian game by the same name. Anyway, the application was a quick 'n dirty rush job and contained a few bugs and had several features left incomplete. I have now patched up all of the bugs found so far, completed the incomplete features and added a few more features as per requests by some users.

- Added a link for the application to the profile links (ie. under the profile photo).
- Fixed a bug that caused the list of challenge attempters (including the winners!) to not show.
- Fixed a bug that messed up display on Internet Explorer.
- Fixed some mistakes in the texts.
- Added some features to improve user experience.
- Increased the number of attempts allowed to three.

Click here to add the application to your Facebook profile now!

Enjoy :-)

Akunbakun for Facebook!

I worked on an application for Facebook on one of the many bored-to-death days during my summer holidays spent in Maldives recently. Facebook has a decent API framework for developers and it had me hooked for while, reading through the documentation on what is possible and what is not. Anyway, my interest in it evaporated soon after I created my first app and the project was doomed to the depths of used diskspace. But now, I'm bored again and seeing that fellow Maldivian blogger Afxal had recently released a Facebook application for listing MvBlog entries, I thought I'd throw my application out for everyone as well.

I created an Akunbakun (look up the word in the Radheef) game application which I hope fellow Maldivians can enjoy when they are really REALLY bored - I can't fathom any other reason anyone would ever want to play Akunbakun, be it in the virtual world or the real world! So far, the application allows you to hide a pebble and challenge your friends to try find it. If they find it, they get to be seen on the winners list for as long as you keep that challenge active. You can add the application to your Facebook by clicking here.

Please leave your thoughts about it here or on the application page on Facebook. Enjoy :-)

UPDATE (20/Oct/2007): I've increased the number of attempts anyone can have at any given challenge to three.

Snapshot of app on Facebook profile page