SMS Sender 3.0

Here is the latest incarnation of the SMS Sender application that I had been releasing since 2001.

It lets you send SMS messages to Dhiraagu mobile users easily. Since it uses the Dhiraagu WebSMS service to dispatch the SMS messages, you need to have a registered WebSMS account. WebSMS accounts are free for all Dhiraagu Dhimobile customers.

The phone book, signature line and proxying features have been disabled in this release and probably will be reinstated in future releases. The new release, however, adds features to show the remaining number of messages in the daily allowance of 10 that Dhiraagu imposes on normal WebSMS accounts. The new release also has versions for Mac, Linux and Windows, unlike the previous releases which were targetted only for Windows.

Drop me a line if you use it, like it, have suggestions or requests. Have fun SMSing!

Download for: Windows ( 1073KB ), Linux ( 986KB ), Mac ( 1012KB )

Running on Microsoft Windows

Running on Apple MacOS 10.4