TCon 01

TCon is a Technology Convention I had planned to execute in Male' last year. However, several problems cropped up to stall progress in making it a reality - the final blow to the venture being that I had to leave for UK before things were finalised and organised.

Anyway, I am attempting again to hold the convention this year. Hopefully, this year can be first year of this educational, non-profit, non-commercial, tech convention. Current plans are to conduct the two-day convention at Dharubaaruge some time in early December 2006. The event will, ideally, be free for all to attend. The event will feature a set of lectures/presentations and a set of participatory workshops. It is hoped that local specialists and experts will volunteer to deliver the various lectures and lead the workshops.

Information regarding the convention will soon be placed on the event website The current website contains outdated information as it was prepared for the planned event for last year. Interested parties/individuals are requested to contact me. Lectures, workshops, demoes and event execution all need your help to be made a reality. This really is an excellent opportunity to have some wicked tech fun!

I met up with chopey and primary0 tonight to discuss the project and get their input - they've pledged to make this a reality. We discussed possible event items, topics and programme style. We all agreed to adhere to making it as much of a "technology" convention as possible, although I have no doubt that computer science topics will feature as the majority this time atleast. The event programme we formulated will be placed on the TCon site soon. Keep and eye for updates on this!