MultiSSH 0.1

MultiSSH is a command line SSH client written in PHP that is able to conduct an interactive session on multiple SSH servers simultaneously. It is pretty handy if you have similar tasks to be run on a bunch of servers and want to control all of them simultaneously via one interface. Servers to connect are specified via a text file containing tab-separated listing of remote IPs and the username and password for each. Alternatively, if all servers have the same username and password, it can be passed as an argument when the script is run. It supports sending control characters to remote terminals through special commands.

I wrote this originally for a client project but since it got binned later, I thought I'd throw this into the public.

multissh.php <iplistfile> <defaultuser> <defaultpass>

- PHP 4/5
- SSH2 extension for PHP

Download MultiSSH 0.1 (Zip, 3KB)