9 years with magnetic implant!

Today marks 9th anniversary of me getting a tiny magnet implanted into my middle finger. I had it implanted as part of a new type of human-machine interface concept and prototype I developed during my Master's Degree at the University of Reading (UK). I originally had a second one in my ring finger too, but had it removed a few years ago due to an impact injury to the implant site swelling up my finger. The current implant is entirely useless for the task I originally had it implanted for, as the magnet has lost its magnetism and is additionally covered by a layer of fibrous tissue due to another impact injury.

I dearly miss the unique sensations and sensory awareness the magnetic implant once gave me. :-(

Three years with magnetic implants

I always seem to remember a few days after... but the 22nd of this December marked the three year anniversary since I had tiny neodymium magnets implanted into the middle and ring fingers of my left hand in my attempt to explore and develop a new type of human-machine interface for my masters degree work.

Unlike the previous years which were uneventful, this year, a few months ago, I developed some discomfort and slight pain in my ring finger when I accidently applied too much sharp pressure on the area and upset the implant. It was the first time in three years that I had any sort of trouble from the implant. Luckily the internal wounds healed in a few days and the pain subsided. Below is an X-ray image of the implant I got done a few months ago and it looks like it is still safely tucked in where it was originally placed!

At the beginning of this year, I had set out to develop a smaller, less intrusive version of the external interface I had developed earlier with the goal of exploring the effects of wearing the interface for an extended period of time - 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 months. I did get around to hacking up a tiny interface package that I can wear as a ring on my finger. Sadly, for too many excuses and what not, I didn't get around to actually getting on with that bit of research.

So, here's to me actually getting on with wearing the new interface for three months beginning 2012. Fingers crossed!

X-ray image of the ring finger from a few months ago.

New, smaller, ring-sized external interface.

Me, human guinea pig

I've been experimenting with a potential "new" type of machine-man interface for a little while now. In the process, I've subjected myself to a bit of mutilation, pain and general annoyance. But today, I'm quite happy because I have now obtained some very interesting results...

Hopefully, will share more about the work in the coming weeks/months.

Stitch removal... about two months ago.

What do I "feel"?